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Vanity Only with two drawers for washbasin shelf left 810339 (incl. organiser)

REF: H4076080336401

Dimensions: 34 10/16 x 17 12/16 x 23 10/16 inches (length, width, height)

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Towel holder for furniture, 12-5/8" REF: H4909511040001

12 10/16 x 2 6/16 x 0 9/16

Kartell LAUFEN

A complete bathroom project inspired by the iconic design of Kartell together with the quality of Laufen. On one hand, Kartell, Italian, creative, colourful and iconic. The family company that has marked the history of design and revolutionised furnishing in the use of plastic materials for over 60 years now. On the other, Laufen, Swiss, rigorous and reliable. For 125 years, a great commitment to make culture in the bathroom and innovation in the production of ceramic sanitaryware. It is a shared project of great innovation, which has required more than three years to develop, the result of the constant research that is part of the DNA of the two companies. Serving as the link between these two players are the award winning designers Ludovica+Roberto Palomba , who themselves are leaders in designing for the bathroom.