Laufen SaphirKeramik

LAUFEN Presents SaphirKeramik: A Revolution in Design reduced to the essentials.Thinner, yet More Durable Ceramic Allows Greater Creativity in Design

NEW YORK – MAY 2015 – With SaphirKeramik the Swiss bathroom specialist LAUFEN is setting a new trend in bathroom design. SaphirKeramik is an innovative ceramic material, which possesses all of the hygienic advantages of traditional bathroom ceramics, but is thinner, more defined and extremely robust. The special properties offered in SaphirKeramik are made possible with the addition of corundum, a colorless component of sapphire, which has been prepared for the market through years of research and development work performed by LAUFEN. Since its launch in 2013, SaphirKeramik has become a favorite material amongst architects and bathroom planners due to its ability to create a new design language with the use of ceramics in the bathroom, a trait not realizable with the use of conventional ceramic material.

SaphirKeramik by LAUFEN is an extremely hard and rigid ceramic. The revolutionary material offers the ability to produce very thin yet sturdy ceramic walls that create a defined and narrow rim radius of less than 1 inch. In addition to its slim and precise form, SaphirKeramik has functional and ecological advantages permitting the use of less material while providing more usable interior space.

In addition to its aesthetic, SaphirKeramik is exactly as hygienic and safe with drinking water as traditional ceramic material and can be recycled completely. Thanks to a simplified ceramic structure and low material quantity, SaphirKeramik has further advantages in terms of environmental protection and sustainability. Very few raw materials and low energy are required for the firing, production and transport of SaphirKeramik.

LAUFEN has continued to gain extensive experience and a wealth of knowledge with the innovative ceramic material by integrating numerous bathroom products made of SaphirKeramik into its product ranges. Together with washbasins in the Kartell by Laufen complete bathroom collection, and the SaphirKeramik bowls from the Living Square Collection, LAUFEN has also introduced SaphirKeramik Accessories for the ILBAGNOALESSI One Collection. This product line has won various awards to date including, the Good Design Award and PIA award presented to the Living Square Collection, and the KB Culture, Metropolis Likes, Design Plus and Green Good Design Award for the SaphirKeramik washbasin.

LAUFEN is convinced that the potential of SaphirKeramik has not yet been fully exploited, and that with this innovative material we are going to realize many exciting developments in the future,” says Marc Viardot, Director of Marketing and Products at LAUFEN. “Since the dimensions of bathrooms hardly change in reality, it is our vision of well-being in the bathroom to optimize the proportions of features and to create a sustainable product design in accordance with the available room.