Laufen HiJet

The HiJet Water Closet delivers patent-pending high performance flushes and cleaning technology at future low water use standards

NEW YORK - MAY 2015 - LAUFEN, the award-winning Swiss manufacturer of high-end bathroom solutions, launches the HiJet Water Closet (WC), an innovation in bathroom technology that features a patent pending flushing system which promotes water conservation and low maintenance cleaning. The new HiJet WC produces high-performance flushes, with a revolutionary water distribution and aperture design that cleans and clears the entire basin using low water volumes of just 1.2/.79, and 1.59/.79 gallons.

LAUFEN continuously strives to represent not only the present but also the future of bathroom innovation,” states Javier Korneluk, U.S. managing director for LAUFEN. “What makes the HiJet so appealing is that it delivers advanced water-saving performance and is on trend with a stunning contemporary design. In addition to the HiJet WC, LAUFEN has also developed a patent-pending invisible easy-to-mount wall installation system that will increase the appeal of the WC to both fitters and end users.

How Hi-Jet WC works
After years of research LAUFEN delivers its high-performance HiJet WC which produces 1.2/.79 and 1.59/.79 gallon flushes.
•    Special channels transport water from the rear of the basin to strategic points around the rim.
•    The additional jet at the front then simultaneously pushes the flushed waste into the sewage network.
•    The entire basin is flushed and cleaned over all apertures around the rim using minimal water.

In addition to meeting current worldwide standards, the results of maximum performance tests show the unique HiJet WC model is prepared to meet all future standards for sustainability. Its highly efficient downstream drainage system is designed to achieve outstanding flushing results, providing top quality functionality for the home and hospitality venues.