Kartell by Laufen

Award winning hidden drains for the Kartell by Laufen Collection to be featured at ICFF and Dwell on Design shows.

NEW YORK — May 2015 — LAUFEN, the award winning Swiss manufacturer of high-end bathroom solutions will feature the groundbreaking Kartell by Laufen hidden drain systems at ICFF and Dwell on Design shows. The hidden drain washbasins are made of the revolutionary SaphirKeramik material and the invisible drain holes are concealed beneath essential slits — as innovative as they are simple.
Winner of a Good Design award, the linearity of the drain apertures, extending over the whole width of the washbasin, gives the “Kartell by Laufen” washbasin design a completely new aesthetics. The new concealed drain hole can be combined with an overflow collar that is also concealed. While the concealed drain hole is always open in traditional washbasins, Laufen’s new solution allows water to accumulate through a pop-up valve without running any risk of overflow.
Color: polished white
Material: SaphirKeramik *
Options: available with no hole, one hole or three holes for taps. With or without overflow. LCC (Laufen Clean Coat) finish. It is possible to install these with two-leg metal structure with towel rail.

*SaphirKeramik, a revolutionary new ceramic material that combines all the benefits of the traditional ceramics for the bathroom (hygiene, resistance to chemical agents) with extraordinary toughness, thinness and definition of form. SaphirKeramik enables walls to be made that are extremely thin yet very resistant, with radii of curvature of the corners of up to 1-2 millimetres (the maximum reached until now was 7-8 millimetres). The material draws its exceptional strength from the presence inside the mixture of the mineral Corundum (AI2O3), a colourless element present in nature in the sapphire. SaphirKeramik offers multiple advantages: from the formal aesthetic point of view, objects can be created with a more accurate, slimmer design; from the functional point of view, thanks to its thin walls, useful space is gained inside washbasins and a lesser quantity of materials is used; from the point of view of sustainability, this material can be recycled in its entirety with a reduction in the costs of raw materials and transportation and lower energy consumption.
Thanks to its resistance to flexure, similar to that of steel, SaphirKeramik defines a new tendency in the design of bathroom ceramics.

  • KARTELL by LAUFEN Freestanding washbasin: $3,500
    • 14 3/4" x 17 1/8" x 35 3/8" (375x435x900 mm)
    • Includes ceramic drain cover cap. Without overflow.
    • Water supply and drain through the floor.
  • KARTELL by LAUFEN Small washbasin: $600-$650
    • with hidden overflow
    • 18 1/8" x 18 1/8" (460x460 mm)
  • KARTELL by LAUFEN Washbasin: $700
    • shelf right, with overflow
    • 23 5/8" x 18 1/8" (600x460 mm)
  • KARTELL by LAUFEN Washbasin: $700-$725
    • shelf left, with special hidden outlet
    • 23 5/8" x 18 1/8" (600x460 mm)
  • KARTELL by LAUFEN WB bowl: $750-$800
    • with tapbank, with overflow
    • 29 1/2" x 13 3/4" (750x350 mm)
  • KARTELL by LAUFEN Washbasin: $1,050
    • shelf left, with overflow
    • 35 3/8" x 18 1/8" (900x460 mm)

Photo Credits: Laufen