LAUFEN combines the rejuvenating energy of water, air and underwater lighting for reviving massages in your own bathtub at home. A feast for the senses – in total privacy. Underwater massage combines the life-giving power of water and air to lift your feeling of well-being. This is what LAUFEN promises to deliver with its top-quality bathtubs.

Air nozzles
The unique LAUFEN air massage system, which features up to 90 air nozzles in the
base of your bathtub, is exceptionally effective and comfortable. Thanks to the large
number of apertures, the entire body is massaged evenly with ozone treated warm air
entering the water through air conduits under the floor of the tub. There are no
metal nozzles that project beyond the base of the tub. The intensity of the air
massage can be controlled seamlessly up to 100%. The air massage system is self-drying
and therefore extremely hygienic and easy to maintain.

Water nozzles
Unlike the air massage system, the water massage system uses water jets to achieve
the desired massage effects. Depending on the model, your bath may feature between
10 and 14 massage water nozzles located on the sides of the bathtub.
To adjust the direction, simply move the nozzle manually. Generally, it is not recommended
to direct the nozzles perpendicular to the body but rather at a slight angle.
The intensity of the water massage can be adjusted via the electronic control.
To increase or decrease the diameter of the water jet simply turn the inner part of
the jet clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Rotary micro nozzle  Rotary micro nozzles are installed in the back and foot areas of the bathtub and can vary in intensity by turning the inner part of the nozzles. These very flat nozzles pamper you with a relaxing feeling and soft a massage for added comfort.

LAUFEN whirl systems are available for all acrylic and solid surface bathtubs.

When ordering whirl systems, LAUFEN always recommends ordering bathtubs with acrylic panels or to install removable, tiled drywalls for easier access in case of maintenance needs. If you can’t avoid bricking in the bathtub, please plan large inspection chambers with a minimum size of 50 x 50 cm so that technical parts remain accessible. The installation of an additional ventilation grill is required.