When choosing the bathtub or shower tray material, the choice depends on individual preference and intended use. In order to be able to provide the right solution for all situations, LAUFEN provides three different bathtub materials: 

Acrylic bathtubs and shower trays
Bathtubs and shower trays made of sanitary acrylic have benefits due to the insulating properties of the material and its warm surface. Together with an underlay made of hard foam, the material helps your bath water retain its temperature for a long time. LAUFEN’s sanitary acrylic is integrally colored and easy to clean.

Steel bathtubs and shower trays
Bathtubs and shower trays in enameled steel are sanitary and resistant to acid, scratching, impacts and abrasion. LAUFEN steel bathtubs are produced using heavy 3 and 3.5 mm enameled steel and they are dimensionally stable and come with an anti-slip coating. In addition, they can be fitted with an optional structural sound insulation system. 

Solid surface bathtubs
Bathing in a bathtub made of solid surface material feels like being in a natural basin. Due to a high percentage of mineral particles, the surface feels smooth. The innovative material also allows an incredible freedom of design and almost every shape is conceivable – from very organic to very straight and architectural. Furthermore, the non-porous surface of the material is hygienic, durable, UV-resistant, highly resistant to scratches and can be effortlessly cleaned.

Ceramic shower trays
Modern shower trays made of sanitary ceramics can fit harmoniously into your bathroom. Like any of the LAUFEN ceramic products, they are characterized by their especially long life and tangible high-quality. Our attractive shower trays offer a conveniently low step-in height, and can be supplied with LAUFEN Antislip coating, if required.