The innovative lema 0-liter urinal operates without water and does not require a water shut-off device or electricity to keep the drain closed. The urine itself helps to keep gases sealed in to prevent their escape. The principle behind this “trap” is known in the chemical industry as the Erlenmeyer flask.

The rate of evaporation of the urine in the "trap" is extremely low. Even if the urinal has not been used in a long time, very little odor is emitted. The small amount of air that escapes passes a citrus aroma-scented block. The lema 0-liter urinal should be cleaned regularly with water at intervals that depend on the frequency of usage. The water can flow off directly via the existing drain.
The siphon in the 0 liter model can be replaced just as easily as the siphon in the lema 0-liter urinal.

Whether lema is used with a 1 liter or 0 liter siphon, the potential savings compared to the standard 2 liter urinals are enormous. At a rate of 300 flushes per day, it is possible to save the amount a family of four would consume in nearly three years when using 5 lema 0-liter urinals. With the lema 0-liter urinal, the savings is almost six years worth of water.

GLT module
With the help of an additional module, the LAUFEN control system has an interface to popular building control systems. This allows central flushing to be triggered and stopped, the flush quantity to be changed, and status queries to be made.