Lifelong perfection - LCC-enhanced ceramic surfaces.
When new, all washbasins and WCs are impeccable and look brilliant. To make sure they stay that way, LAUFEN has developed its innovative surface finish LAUFEN CLEAN COAT (LCC). LCC is a silicate, ceramic enamel coating baked on over the original glaze. The benefits of this advanced process are considerable. The surface glazing is immaculately smooth and as an inseparable part of the ceramics, exceptionally hard and therefore practically indestructible. Grime, lime scale and bacteria don’t stand a chance on the pore-free surfaces and are for the most part, simply rinsed away by the running water. This takes the effort out of cleaning and ensures the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene on a permanent basis.

Effortless hygiene - LCC interacts with the natural force of water.
LCC enhanced surfaces are much smoother than conventional coatings so grime simply doesn’t stand a chance. The water also adheres better to the hydrophilic LCC ceramic and rinses off grime as it runs over the surfaces. Cleaning agents and disinfectants are also spread more effectively and are thus more efficient. Another advantage of LCC is its high resistance to aggressive cleaning products and chemicals so that even incorrect ceramic treatment cannot do any harm.

Highly recommended for public and private use, LCC makes a brilliant impression everywhere.
LCC is a surface finish that impresses everyone. Consumers can enjoy the pleasure of an immaculate, brilliant bathroom for many years. Installers and wholesalers can offer their customers an innovative product that combines high added value and high long-term investment security. Architects and planners also appreciate LCC’s proven credentials in both in the private and public sector. LAUFEN LCC is an innovative ceramic glazing solution for all bathrooms and washroom facilities.

LCC benefits:
• Hygienic
• Robust and enduring
• Pore-free and exceptionally smooth
• Easy to clean
• Fewer cleaning agents are required
• Environmentally friendly


LCC Laufen Clean Coat
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