Furniture surfaces in the bathroom are designed to deal with the room's special climate conditions. LAUFEN provides a range of different surfaces that are optimized for their intended use and come with a lifetime guarantee. 

Real wood veneer
For a cozy bathroom in wood, elegant wood veneers provide the feel and optics of a real wood finish. They are resistant to moisture and equipped with reinforced edges making them unaffected by impacts. These real wood veneers include those used in Lb3, in the PALOMBA COLLECTION (oak and Makassar) and ILBAGNOALESSI One 'noce canaletto.' 

Painted furniture surfaces
Our classic high-gloss paint finish uses two-component, water-resistant paints offering perfect surfaces with no irregularity and a wide range of colors. LAUFEN’s painted surfaces include ILBAGNOALESSI dOt, the ILBAGNOALESSI One white furniture, and the front of the mylife collection. LAUFEN also offers 38 additional special paints (shown on right) for LAUFEN pro furniture ranges.

Film coatings
Film coatings are pulled over corners ensuring the furniture surfaces are joint-free and scratch, water and light resistant. Their flexibility offers a great deal of design freedom in terms of the forms used which can be seen in the integrated handles. LAUFEN uses film coatings in its LAUFEN pro, modernaplus and case collections.

Laminated surface
These surfaces are easy to care for and clean as well as light resistant, odorless and unaffected by alcohol, organic solvents and water. LAUFEN laminated surfaces are very impact and scratch-resistant and are used, for example, in the PALOMBA COLLECTION and the mylife collections. 

PET high gloss surface
With mimo furniture, LAUFEN has opted for an innovative, easy-to-clean, and extremely durable high gloss surface. This is made of PET, which is a particularly easy to recycle and aesthetically pleasing material.