LAUFEN products allow water, a precious resource, to be used sparingly. This demonstrates LAUFEN’s ongoing commitment to preserving natural resources. LAUFEN places priority on environmentally friendly production, using natural resources (energy, raw material and water) in the most effective way possible throughout the manufacturing process. This optimization of resources needed for manufacturing starts during the development of new product concepts and continues with their technical development.

In Austria, LAUFEN was awarded the EMAS Environment Prize 2007 for its exemplary environmental management. The Swiss factory in Laufen has carried the label of the Swiss Energy Agency for Industry (EnAW) since 2006, which recognizes it as a company that is actively committed to voluntary climate protection. LAUFEN also actively looks for environmentally friendly solutions for its bathroom products. LAUFEN places a great deal of emphasis on making products of outstanding quality – as numerous internationally recognized product certificates and standards testify.

The Swiss Q-Plus symbol certifies compliance of LAUFEN's products with the European standard as well as the more exacting, Swiss standard. This is an important signature of LAUFEN products, as only durable, low-wear products deserve to be called environmentally friendly. LAUFEN helps customers to live in harmony with the environment and reduce energy costs. LAUFEN’s products also feature the latest energy and water-saving technologies, such as the newest generation of water-saving toilets. Several LAUFEN toilets flush using an optional 4.5 or 3 liters dual flush system, as opposed to 6 or 3 liters of a conventional toilet.

LAUFEN also has efficient urinals that require no more than 1 liter of water for flushing. For the public sector, we have urinals with a special low-maintenance siphon: 0-liter solution. 

LAUFEN’s 4.5 or 3 liter toilets meet all functional requirements defined by international standards EN 997 Class 1 Type 5, EN 997 Class 2 and SAI/Wells 4 Stars.


The first two LAUFEN production facilities were successfully ISO 14001 certified and EMAS registered in 1997. Both of these factories were awarded the European Environment Prize 2007, for exemplary environmental management. All LAUFEN production facilities are certified with the Environmental and Quality Management Systems ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
Since 1998, LAUFEN has continually monitored the use of resources in its internal and external processes. Targeted measures and appropriate investments promote the efficient and sustainable use of manufacturing resources. Important key environmental protection indicators clearly show that LAUFEN’s production sites meet or fulfill mandatory environmental protection standards, and in most cases, exceed them.
Products with the Q-Plus certification meet both the European standard and the established, more stringent, Swiss suissetec/VSA standard. LAUFEN sanitary ware products meet these Swiss quality standards and have been recommended for approval accordingly.