Znojmo, Czech Republic

Industrial ceramics production in Znojmo stretches back to 1878, it was the first mechanical factory of its kind on the continent. Initially, high-quality dishes and majolica were manufactured in large quantities here. After 1920, production focused on ceramic washbasins, bathtubs and sinks.

In 1995, the Swiss Keramik Holding AG LAUFEN took over the Keramické závody Znojmo (Ceramic Works Znojmo) and shared management with Jihočeská keramika Bechyně (South Bohemian Ceramics Bechyně), a company which LAUFEN had acquired in 1991. In 1999, Laufen joined the Spanish ROCA Group and both companies became a part of it. In 2002, the two manufacturers merged to LAUFEN CZ, with headquarters in Prague. Since then, LAUFEN CZ has been active in the Czech and Slovakian market with the LAUFEN, ROCA and JIKA brands, as well as in many other markets in Central and Eastern Europe. Today, the state-of-the-art factory in Znojmo produces superior bathroom ceramics, the quality of which is certified to international ISO 9001 standards.