120 years of expertise in Bathroom Culture: The Keramik Holding AG LAUFEN was founded on July 4, 1892 as a pottery factory in the town whose name it bears, Laufen, which is located in Switzerland near the town of Basel. Laufen was chosen as the site for the pottery factory due to its hydroelectric plant, natural clay deposits, railway hub and it's artisan tradition. Keramik LAUFEN AG has been producing ceramics for the Swiss bathroom market since 1925.

In 2007 the oldest faucet manufacturer in Switzerland, Similor (founded by Charles Kugler in 1854), was acquired by LAUFEN and two years later the Laufen faucet factory began producing LAUFEN faucets.

By building an advanced logistics center and high bay warehouse at its headquarters and installing the latest production systems in various European factories, LAUFEN has been on a steady course of continued growth. Since 2006 Keramik LAUFEN AG has also been entitled to bear the label of the Swiss Energy Agency for Industry (EnAW). This label is only awarded every two years and marks its bearer as a company actively committed to voluntary climate protection.