Giving every shape a clear function is what takes center stage for Andreas Dimitriadis in the development of every design. With this idea in mind, the owner of the Stuttgart design studio, Platinum Design, along with his team of ten designers, CAD specialists and model makers create products. Their products for the bathroom specialist LAUFEN offer the customer added value and have a strong emotional appeal.

LAUFEN knows Andreas Dimitriadis from his time at Phoenix Design, where for many years he was involved as Project Manager and Co-owner in the development of a successful premium bathroom series. Since 2007, Dimitriadis has continued this fruitful partnership working from his own design studio, Platinum Design. He has worked on many LAUFEN projects including several bathroom series, a faucet series and a redesigned bathroom series. “I have now had close ties with LAUFEN for 16 years. Many married couples don’t last that long,” laughs Andreas Dimitriadis. “It’s probably because we are bound together by a deep love of the bathroom and of ceramics.”

Dimitriadis is fascinated by LAUFEN’S Swiss approach to design. “Design by LAUFEN is a product personality in its own right,” he enthuses. “It has depth and substance that you can feel. Even the work processes are original and authentic.” He is particularly taken with the material ceramic, which he recognizes as a human and authentic material of signature character. “Ceramic is not ultra-precise and not unbearably perfect,” reflects Dimitriadis. “It is organic by nature and thus empathizes with the human body,” He adds with a smile. “In the bathroom man is the very measure of all things – design is, after all, not an end in itself, but must serve man.”

Platinum Design is not, however, only involved in bathroom design but also creates telephones for Siemens Gigaset, navigation equipment for Navigon and premium sewing machines for Bernina. “Ultimately we see ourselves as brand interpreters,” he explains. “Focusing on our customers and their economic success. We simply give the brand a unique face."