Tom Schönherr and Andreas Haug define their design philosophy with one word, "attitude." Their basic values are ethics and aesthetics, economy and ecology, accuracy and ergonomics, along with the interests of manufacturers and users. The products created by Phoenix Design are not solo stars; they do not bear any identifiable designer signature, but rather obtain their unique form through the craftsman’s skill and vision which is influenced by people, the environment and the market.

The designers have always fulfilled their philosophy stating a product should be convincing with its logic. Its ethics should stand above the fleeting spirit of the age, and it should captivate with its magic. When Tom Schönherr and Andreas Haug began the company in 1987, not only did they lay the foundation for their own internationally successful firm with branches in Stuttgart and Tokyo, but they also became bestsellers, some products even on a global scale. Pheonix Design’s exclusive customer list includes innovative brand manufacturers such as Loewe, Kaldewei, Hansgrohe, Gira, Lamy, LG, LAUFEN and Viessmann. Phoenix Design has developed several designer baths for LAUFEN including the timeless and flexible “living by LAUFEN,” the tribute to the Bauhaus style “form by LAUFEN”, “Gallery” which is highly popular due to its variety of designs, and the stylish “living city by LAUFEN” series of washbasins.