LAUFEN is synonymous with perfection in terms of form, craftsmanship and advanced technology. The LAUFEN Forum, located at the headquarters in the Baselland canton, reflects this identity very well. Designed by Swiss architects Nissen & Wentzlaff, the unique building stands out, defined by its impressive exposed concrete. The building's design was inspired in part by an iconic LAUFEN product, the washbasin "bowl/08," which was designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, and is a part of the Palomba Collection by LAUFEN.

An inventive spirit and desire for technical innovation are also part of the building’s concept and require efficient resource usage and an acceptable ecological footprint. As a result, the award-winning eco-friendly building is an outstanding feature in the Basel area, which is rich in superb architecture.

The town of Basel  strikes the difficult balance of placing medieval structures next to contemporary buildings. But it is not just its location that lends the town an international flair. The people living in this university town (also home to many multi-national companies) make Basel international and multi-cultural enough to lend it that big-city feeling, despite being relatively modest in size.

During the year, Basel is a mecca for the world of watches. The “Baselworld” watch and jewelry fair opens its doors to the impressive architecture offered by manufacturers, and gathers together anybody who is anybody on the art scene during “Art Basel." 

With dozens of museums in the area, culture-lovers from across the world are drawn to the famous museums and art collections in the region, where Swiss, German and French borders meet.