In its three style variations of the Lb3 bathroom ensemble, LAUFEN champions personal lifestyle and banishes style restrictions: After all, real life teaches us: The bathroom is an intimate, intensely personal space dedicated to well-being and relaxation – and therefore rejects bathroom concepts that cannot be personalised. This is what the Milanese architects and designers, Ludovica+Roberto Palomba discovered when they studied living in international cities before starting work on Lb3.

Lb3 was therefore grouped around three strong archetypes: The "modern" washbasin variations with their clear-cut contours is an original tribute to the Modern and Bauhaus styles. “classic“, with its dual contours, is the epitome of timeless elegance, while the “design“ line with its cube and curves, heralds a designer-focused interior style. The washbasins are complemented by a full bathroom range: including WCs, bidets, bathtubs and shower trays, a fully rounded, purist and exclusive furniture range, matching mirrors, accessories as well as water- and energy-efficient faucets designed especially for Lb3.

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“We prefaced our development of Lb3 with a study of international metropolises.“ What they found out: People quite naturally possess a penchant for the styles of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries – yet at the same time they experience a deep-seated need to personalise these styles and adapt them to suit their personalities. Lb3 is a bathroom that can adapt to every mood, it is not focused on any particular lifestyle and respects personality and personal freedom. It is a bathroom that invites you to decorate and combine.“