The LAUFEN pro Swiss designer Peter Wirz from the design group, Vetica, has created a bathroom series optimized to the requirements of the ceramic manufacturing process. It proves that minimalist forms, high quality and optimum function need not come with a high price tag if they are cleverly produced. The democratic design of LAUFEN pro is the modern answer to the claim that everyone should have a right to good form.

LAUFEN pro is divided into three product lines, A, B and C: The C stands for compact problem solver, B for basic series and A for the design line with architectural aspirations in the LAUFEN pro portfolio. A total of 30 washbasins, 6 WCs, bidets and matching bathtubs, not to mention the case furniture range for LAUFEN pro, can be freely combined and offer clever solutions for all purposes and room situations.

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“Purposely developed as an affordable designer product, Laufen pro was aimed at optimising ceramic manufacturing processes… I think we managed it very well. Laufen pro is a stylish example of how a unique look can be achieved with simple means. We were inspired primarily by two basic forms, the square and the circle. It allowed us to design even such an extensive bathroom ceramics and furniture series like Laufen Pro with consistency and maximum recognition value.“